Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The Walker Pine Tree Festival Pageant proved winning isn't everything. Walker being my hometown with the pageant taking place on stage in the auditorium at the high school I attended brought back memories. I got to talk to alot of school friends who were there with their grandchildren. A lot of "oohh-ing" and "ahhh-ing" going on. Some were even on the festival board and in charge of things. 

Brooklyn was a reigning queen from last years pageant so she got to perform her Royal duties.  

All reigning queens participated in a fashion show from a Grand Opening of a new mall opening near town. 

Brooklyn modeling one of the fashion outfits. 

Reigning Queens also on stage to crown the new Queens. 

It would have been sweet if Brooklyn could have crowned her baby sister. But Brynlee didnt place. It's ok :(.   

This time last year at the pageant Queen Brooklyn was the big baby being held on the far right with the blue jean dress with the pink petti slip and boots. 

And this year she is a little bigger than her last picture as the 2013 Queen performing her Royalty duties. 

Pageants are just another sport. You do your best. You go in for the win.  And sometimes it's not all about the win.  It's about friends and about learning something new about yourself and seeing a new you. And this time seeing how far Brooklyn has come in a year. 

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