Monday, December 1, 2014

Off Stage

I'm still obsessed with all things pageantry. I like the prep and the before and after. I'm like can't get enough.

A fancy little dress up benefit pageant with LA Wildlife & Fisheries. There were lots and lots of cuties. 

Brooklyn got best fashion in the 2-3 year olds. She was the youngest at just made 2years old lined up with 3 almost 4 year olds. Though no crown she held her own. 

Capturing a few outside after shots. 

At the benefit Wildlife, Brynlee was great for a 5 month old with all the other babies    up to 11 months. 

She was crowned Princess, next to Queen. Wanted Queen of course, but Princess is the next best thing. 

Another recent pageant, LA Little Miss, crowned both with Division Supreme.  This was a long day with beauty dress, outfit of choice, and Wizard of Oz theme wear.   

What could be more fun than a Cinderella  Local Preliminary? Why, winning of course.  And that's what they did.

Brooklyn still the youngest in the 2-3 age group managed to pull Cinderella Beauty as her placement next to the overall winner.  It's a big win. 

Brynlee claimed Cinderella Infant Overall Winner.  

Two Little Cinderellas. One crying. One with silly faces. 

Sorry to bore you with my obsession. But it's all in enjoyment that we do pageants. And when "we" go home with Crowns, banners, and trophies it's just like every other sport out there.  You just want to win!

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