Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine Apron Swap

How cute is this? I received it today. A valentine apron swap from Val hosted by Aunt Pitty Pats.
Since I've been doing apron swaps I always wanted an apron package from Val. I've seen the nicest and cutest stuff in her swaps and now I am the proud owner of one.
She sent me a valentine print apron with little polka dot print on the pocket and ties with eyelet trim on the pocket. And it is lined. So very nice and cute. And she tops this great apron off with a crocheted heart hot pad and scrubbie. And there is even more. A crocheted heart book mark and heart pin. Wait I am not through. Look in the pocket of the apron. She sent me flower seeds in 3 little envelope packets. Even the flower seeds were grown and picked by her. There is also a magnetic note pad with hearts. And a cute valentine dish towel. And of course a little box of chocolates.

I have learned something from her package to me -- That handmade items are the best!

This is the apron package I sent her. A heart apron, heart magnets, heart bookmark, heart picture frame, and little box of chocolates.



  1. Gin! I'm so glad you like KNOW I love everything you made me! Lucky us! :-)

  2. Woow-hoo! Hot pink Mama!


    I missed visiting with all my girls today! ♥

  3. Ya'll put an extra meaning to Valentine's Day!" - - Those aprons are precious !


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