Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gardening time

Like I said last week, I love summer.

This catalog came in the mail yesterday.

I'm making my wish list, marking the pages, and hopefully get an order off in the next week or two.

I would love to have some of almost everything in the book. But that is not possible. Not enough money for one thing, let alone there is a 50% chance when I plant it will not survive. And not because of Burgess plant company, but because of me. I may plant it in the wrong location. It may need more sun than where I put it, or it will get too much sun. And then there is the problem when on occasion I have not watered the yard or plants when we have those drought weeks and days with no rain and 99 degree weather. I truly love beautiful plants with blooming colors and fragrance with the butterflies and bumblebees they bring. But I have no green thumb!

These are a few of the ones I have marked that I would like to order. Even though it is easier to just go to a local plant nursery or a Lowe's or Home Depot Garden Center and see what you are getting for probably even a lower price. But I will order just a couple things from the catalog to get a head start. It is only the middle of January you know. There is plenty of time to start the new gardening.

I think I will love the lavender. I have never grown any. But it looks so pretty and I like purple and the stuff you can do with the fragrance. I like roses too. I really like climbing roses for some reason. And the passion flower you see here I want to try. I also want to order clematis. I didn't get a picture of it from the book, but it is marked and I difinitely want to order some.

Aren't you excited for spring to arrive?



  1. Do you remember Maw had a passion flower vine on front porch? I barley remember it. I have tried to grow it with no luck. ALso, my lavender is dead. I think it does not need a lot of hot direct sun.

  2. Trust me Gin, you will love the lavendar. It is my favorite herb! I am an herb fanatic, so if you need help with any of them, let me know.

  3. Oh, one more thing. I don't recommend that you try to grow lavendar from seed. It is not an easy plant to germinate. You should buy plants, and you can get them at any local garden center.

  4. wow - -you are certainlu gettng a good start on the flower growing business - - I can get you all the cuttings you want for the 'passion flower' - - just let me know

    It is also a 'climbing bush' seriously - let me know and Bob 0 I can get you some too

  5. I bet we get all the same catalogs, Gin! I used to order from Gurney's every year. No catalog orders for me this year. I finally figured out that I love to order put I don't love the presure to plant on demand- you know, when they arrive in the mail.

  6. I am! Okay...so I have to tell you this. I've had fairy roses everywhere we live and they thrive just beautifully but they do require care. They like lots of sun and if you hand water them, don't use a sprinkler unless it is in the morning so the leaves dry quickly. Lavender.....it has done great EVERYWHERE but Louisiana...it is a bit wet here so build up your beds or do what I've done and put them in a planter. YEAH PLANTS!


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