Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Business Deal (or should I say a Steal)

My lunch on Friday went like this: went to bank, waited in the drive thru for 23 minutes, hoping for time to make it downtown to the flea markets, antique stores. Thru with the bank, headed downtown. I had been spying this garden bird feeder statue for the last 2 weeks. But never had time to stop, and really was trying to avoid buying anything that was not absolutely necessary. But I took the chance and gave myself a $10 limit to spend. I parked, walked inside, and asked the lady, "How much is the bird feeder statute?" She replied, "Give me $2 and it's yours." Wow, caught me off guard needless to say. Stupid me said, "Oh well I will give you $5." Now in the business of garage sales, flea markets, and antique stores world this is backwards. I should have been bargaining down, not raising the price, right? Don't know what I was thinking? The lady said, "well that's a first, sold for $5." Maybe I thought I was at an auction and the statue would go to the highest bidder. Even though I was the only one in the store. I could see myself even going higher in price if there was someone else eyeing it. Why would she want only $2 for this? Is there something wrong with the statue?

Don't you like it? Wouldn't you have paid $5 for it?
She is so sweet. I gave the lady $5 and carried my new baby to my truck.
She will have a special place in my spring garden in a few months.

I may place a flowering vine in her bird feeder, instead of having birds peck on her while eating bird feed. So the owner of the shop got the business deal that day and a I think I got a steal for a few dollars more!



  1. wow - - You certainly have gotten some 'bargains' this week -- (this beautiful bird feeder statute and those beautiful decorative - ceramic flower pots. I know this will look beautiful in your Spring Garden

    This is another way of God blessing you for ALL those thoughtful things you do for others - - -

    Hey - - would you like a cutting of the 'Passion flower' in it ?

  2. Hi Gin:
    I love your blog design. I would of gladly paid $5 for the statue also. It will look so cute in a garden.

  3. She is absolutely lovely!

    Thank you for entering my tatting giveaway for OWOH.
    Good luck to you! :)

  4. Oh, Gin, that lady must have needed your blessing! You sweet heart- you!

    I thought I saw a little bud on a bush today and I felt a little thrill!!! Spring can come in Feb. here. We'll see!

  5. you are officially invited to my yard sale.

  6. that is very sweet. I have a couple statues that are bird feeders...but I put little bits of water in them instead. The birds love it.


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