Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top of the Fridge

Holly always has some good blogging going on. Today she is sharing the top of her fridge.
She says your refrig deserves the same treatment as your china hutch!! Well I love my china hutch and all that it contains. My refrig--well that's a different story, I don't treat it as well as I do my china hutch.
Go visit Holly and see for yourself and post your refrig picture "as is". And like she said, don't be too hard on yourself if your refrig is missing the royal treatment.
Here is the top of my frig!!!

You can laugh. Yes, my refrig is yellow! There are no cabinet doors above it either. But I like my magnolia picture and my Thomas Kinkade house and my brass duck and ducklings. And of course what refrig is not complete without memories magnetized all over it.If you show the top of your frig let me know so me and Holly can see.


  1. Yup, gotta have those magnets, huh, Gin? ;> Pretty Magnolia, pic! Do you have any "real" ones there? At one of my Texas houses, I had a huge Magnolia in my front yard! That was a dream yard...

  2. Gin -- You and Holly are both great 'keepers' of refrig - -

    I like your yellow refrig! I only wished ya'll would have `displayed the interior ! You know me - - and you know what my interior displays ! ! ! ! ! :)

    Have to go now -- I'm quilting !

  3. hmmmmm. the top of my frig is dusty and has Leo's kitty prints all over it.......ha! I only dust it once a quarter.....yikes.......


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