Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dear Winter

It is Saturday, January 10. It is 77 degrees, 80% humidity and 90% chance of rain. Tonight it is suppose to be down to the 50''s And it is suppose to be in the middle of winter. (Even though we had a couple inches of snow the middle of December. That only comes once every 5 years or more.) But have I told you that I love hot summery weather. I love hot summery weather all year long. That's what you get in the south! Some blogs I look at have beautiful snow pictures taken in their back yards. And it last and last and last the whole winter.
This is what my winter yard looks like today.
There are still leaves falling from the trees.
There are still flowers blooming.
There are still shorts and short sleeves being worn.
There are still cook outs on the grill.
What can I say. I love summer weather all year long.



  1. Gin - - You certainly love summer ! - - The flower blooming is the beautiful color of purple. Purple is a very special color - -
    One of my rose bushes produced buds within a day or two after the recent snow. I was amazed - but reminded - - ONLY GOD - - -

    P.S. - - Seems like you are a poet also (?)

  2. Ooh! I loves purple Irises!

    I can remeber when my camilia would bloom in Feb... Texas Winters were great! Happy Soutnern winter, Gin!

  3. and I hate summer weather. I love this kind of weather- COLD all day and night. ICE on car this morning! Bright blue sky this afternoon. Soup in crockpot waiting for me at home! I love winter!!


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