Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sit down before you read this

My job is really really boring. It's a small office with only 6 employees. I am in the front reception so I have to be there all during the day. Really really really boring. I am usually there by myself most of the time. My boss was in and out all day. I was sitting there today thinking, "I need to find another job, I don't like this." Then about 3pm my boss walked in and said,

(First I need to do a flash-back for you: my boss and his wife are the owners, her mother lives in a house across the street from the business, a very very nice house. She is 86 years old and has just recently moved into a retirement home. her family is selling her house.)

So my boss said, "Gin we are cleaning out Mona's house, there are a few odd and end things left like flower pots and such. Would you like to go over and see if you want any." So in a reserved business professional kind of way I said, " Yes, I will go over and look." But really to my self I said, "Be still my heart!" I had been hearing them talk about moving stuff out of the house and wanted so bad to go over and even buy some stuff.
I went over to the house and loaded up my truck with large pretty ceremic flower pots.
See how pretty. They all look this good.
Some have dead plants in them. .
And some contain fake flowers.I didn't resist any of them. Isn't this oval one above so pretty. It almost looks like a serving dish.

I ended up with 10 large ones and 4 small ones.
And even a few lamps were loaded in my truck.

These 2 lamps date back from years ago. I like them.
And this one is a pretty light light blue with that embossed design you see. The camera was held crooked because I had to stretch my arm out to get to it to get the picture.
I presented myself very lady like and reserved as I loaded up, Even though I had that flea market/garage sale excitement that comes along with such a good treasure find. And even better because all this was free.
I even got a set of dessert cups and a portable treadmill thingy.

All in a days work!!



  1. wow - - that's some beautiful stuff ! You sure have a NICE BOSS !

  2. Good haul, Gin! Ha-ha, I can relate to your "business like manner."

    Did you see my reply to you about why I change my clothes so often?

  3. You got some wonderful goodies. Maybe that was God's way of saying 'stick with these guys awhile longer...'

    On another note....I too agree with what Holly said about relating to a 'business like manner' HA!

  4. Wow!!! that is a nice boss you have there...I love the flower pots and the other goodies. It was worth going to work that day.
    I didn't see a place for your blog followers to sign up, did I miss it?

  5. Wow, look at you. Talk about speed shopping! lol Consider yourself tagged. Come see my post from today.


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