Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Too Much Help

I trying to get some sewing done. I use an upstairs room for my sewing and stuff.
I'm doing this project on the floor because my cutting table is taken over with pink for another project.
This is a valentine scrub top I am making for Jennifer for her to wear for valentines day at work.
Poochie just recently learned to go up and down the stairs. She now goes up and down constantly and just sits on the landing looking down thru the banister. Then she proceeded to visit me and attack my material and pattern. See the paper in her mouth.
Here she has grabbed the #6 piece of the pattern which is the pocket. She would not listen to me and give it back. She actually ate it. At least it is a piece that is easy to reproduce - just a square pocket.
And this is not the first time she has done this. I left things out one day and when I went upstairs there was newspaper that I had used to make a pattern all over the floor shredded into a lot of pieces. She got in a bag and got brand new wrapped in it's package binding unrolled all over the floor.

Poor Poochie, she tries to help too much.



  1. Aw, silly Poochie! I have a new baby kitten and she sure is keeping me entertained!

  2. Poochie sounds like "the terrible two's" !

    Cute idea for Jenn's Valentine 'scrub' !

    Be Blessed !x

  3. I think Poochie is adorable.
    I wish I could sew half way decent. The valentine scrubs will be "cool"....

  4. that is so funny! All our pets do that. Leo, the kitty is the WORST though. As for the 2 pooches, I give them toilet paper rolls to keep them out of trouble when I am cutting out patterns :-)

  5. Perhaps little "Poochie" would like you to make her a "Valentine" sweater ! She's so cute - - - Plz bring her next time ya'll are down South - - - - apparently she is very entertaining ! :)

  6. Your helper is too cute! I once had a Shih Tzu who was always shredding newspaper and paper napkins too.


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