Monday, January 19, 2009

My To-Do-List

I'm back in the swing of things for sewing and joining a few swaps.
Two swaps are ready for the mail. I signed up for a valentine apron swap at Aunt Pitty Pats. And an Easter swap and a Winter Basics and Baubles Swap. Plus a couple of to-finish projects for myself.

These are two quilts I plan to quilt in the next few months. I made the quilt tops a while back and need to get them quilted and finished.

This is a Dresden Plate pattern. And can you tell this is an airplane?

I have a person waiting in the wings with 1 of her own quilt tops she made that I volunteered to quilt for her.

See this quilt picture sample. I am determined to get this made in a single twin size just in time for Easter. It's a pattern for a wall hanging, but I'm going to tweak it a little for my project by adding a lot more blocks just like these. Cute huh?
It calls for 8-12 different coordinating fabrics and fusible web for applique. I should be able to machine quilt it, so it should go really fast, fast, fast. Which is what I need -- something fast and easy. This should do the trick. And if goes as planned -- quick and easy -- I would like to make more than one!!! Don't worry, I'm always like this. My eyes are bigger than my stomach or my goals are bigger than reality. I'll let you know how many gets made.

All these projects will keep me busy till spring and will keep me out of trouble!!



  1. I bite off more than I can chew, Gin but I never go hungry!

    Love the colors in that first quilt.

  2. Gin - - - I see what you do with your time ! - - - The first quilt reminda me of Maw-Maw's creations ! - it's beautiful - -and yes, I can identify the 2nd one as an airplane ! - - - and the Easter projct - - I love ! - - - you need a little grand-daughter - -- Gin - - - you do magnificent work - - -it makes my quilts not look so good - - but as I say - - I'm only a beginnner! Be blessed !

  3. wow! I can say that I GOT one of those aprons you have yet to post and it is SCRUMPTIOUS!

  4. I love quilts too. I've never made one though, just try to find them on sale somewhere.


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